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The Two Gentlemen of Verona


As you may of heard, we have some rather poor drivers in Annandale.  Either way, one of them managed to crash into a fire-hydrant.   SO, our Friday show got canceled!  For this reason, we are having two shows - Saturday and Sunday at 7.

Things start up at 11 - on Saturday, dress rehearsal, on Sunday, disc.

Circle, for those of you coming back, starts at 5 and 4:30 respectively [Jan. 19 and 20].

Dancing, the hour before.

Ick.  Please please please come! :D

Cast Party is probably going to be at my house [it's in Reston!].  I will post the address by tomorrow, but if you show up to the show, I'll have the obligatory directions on how to get there...

That's all for now!
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