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Shameless plug!

Hi Troupe!

Seeing the post about the website got me really excited and I wanted to mention that there are plenty of ways to keep the faith after graduating. Just about every college campus has a theater group devoted to Shakespeare and you should certainly contact someone about getting involved. At UVA, we really love our Willy! Shakespeare on the Lawn is a group that was founded by a Troupe Alum almost 12 years ago and we've seen many TJST alumni in our show programs over the years. While only a few relics of Troupe tradition remain with us now, we still uphold a strong commitment to building a community that rallies around the production of the works of Shakespeare. Like Troupe, SotL is also the little guy when it comes to theater wars, especially given that all our shows are free, so the "fight against the man" mentality that brings everyone together is certainly omnipresent.

If you have any interest in getting involved with Shakespeare on the Lawn, don't hesitate to shoot me an email!

Nick Stroup
TJST 2005
SotL 2009

PS - We just elected shows for next year and we'll be performing King Lear in the fall and All's Well in the spring! Should be exciting!
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