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Folgers 2009

Yay folgers! To keep you oldies in the loop:
March 3, 2009 at the Folger, show this year is Winter's Tale
PLEASE come see us, this may be troupe's only show this year.

Show is directed by Kevin Place and Talia
Leontes, King of Sicilia. KD
Mamillius, his son. Daniel
Camillo, Sicilian Lord. Anna S
Antigonus, Sicilian Lord. Nick M
Cleomenes, Sicilian Lord. Karthik
Dion, Sicilian Lord. Robby
Polixenes, King of Bohemia. Albert
Florizel, his son. Keegan
Archidamus, a Bohemian Lord. Matt
An Old Shepherd, reputed father of Perdita. James
Clown, his son. Art
Autolycus, a rogue. Mikey
Time, as Chorus. Kate Z
Hermione, Queen to Leontes. Nicole
Perdita, daughter to Leontes and Hermione. Elena
Paulina, wife to Antigonus. Cara
Emilia, a lady attending on the Queen. Sam S
First Lady/ Mopsa, shepherdess. Jackie
Second Lady/Dorcas, shepherdess Anna B

Sheperds/Lords Matt, Connor
Sheperdesses/Ladies Hope

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